Biodiversity and Landscape Design

Research and Landscape Design Projects


Research Team

Paulo Farinha Marques

Main Researcher

Associate Professor at the University of Porto where currently develops teaching and research in the landscape architecture field – landscape design, landscape planting, ecological park design, design and restoration of natural and manmade habitats and biodiversity promotion in historic landscapes. Email:

José Miguel Lameiras


Lecturer at the University of Porto currently involved in teaching and researching in the field of landscape architecture. His main interests of research include landscape design, design theory, information technologies, GIS and ecology. He is curretly finishing a PhD within Landform design. Email:

Cláudia Patrícia Fernandes


Landscape Architect with a previous formation in Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources Management. In her PhD studies she researched on the Structural Characterization of vegetation in Cultural Landscapes and Ecological Modeling of vegetation responses under disturbance scenarios. Her research interests also include Biodiversity Patterns in Urban Environments. Email:

Filipa Guilherme


Biologist with special interest in fauna and the impacts of human activities on animal species. She has a degree in Environmental Biology and a M.Sc degree in Conservation Biology. In her M.Sc research, the effects of agricultural and pastoral practices on small mammal were assessed Email: